Aquatic Plants

My Aquariums

'Monster' 20 gallons

My 20 gallons set-up with pressurized co2 and milwaukee regulator (1 bubble per second), caribsea floramax 2 different packeges substrate, marineland c-360 filter, eheim 100W heater, power head (turned on sporadically once a day for an hour, to increase water flow and move all debris so the filter can catch it), finnex 24/7 turned on this mode 24/7 and seachem fertilizers (excel, potassium, fluorish, iron). Plants: mermaid weed, water wisteria, cryptocoryne wendtii brown, amazon sword red, alternanthera reineckii, lymnophilia aromatica, willow moss, mint charlie, red tops from red ludwiga, anubias petit nana, rotala rotundafilia (which didn't grow pretty, I don't have a luck to this plant)

Dutch style 40 gallons

Caribsea floramax black substrate 2x20pounds, eco-complete 1x20pounds, power head marineland maxi-jet 295GPH working as a co2 diffuser + sponge prefilter, two cascade filters(1xaquaon for 10 gallons, 1xtopfin for 10 gallons) with polyester filter fiber and blue sponges as media + prefilters sponges, pressurized co2 with milwaukee regulator 3 bubbles per second, Plantex CSM+B fertilizer plus NPK, Oddysea lights with oryginal 6500k bulbs 2x39W(till this point it was my only light), lighting period 10h a day. Plants: star grass, anubias petit nana, java fern, hygrophilia augustafolia, alternanthera reineckii, lymnophilia aromatica, rotala indica, cardinal plant, flame moss, christmass moss.

20 g update

20 gallons update

40 gallons update

Cliff aquascape 40g

My 6.9g Fluval nano aquasceping live competition work