Lava rock in your aquarium

Lava rock from Home Depot

As you can see I used lava rock to build miniature aquascaping. I got some plants from Aquatic Plants Society Chicago and I decided to use it somehow. Didn’t want to spend lots of money for another set up, so I used this small 6-7 gallon tank, which I had at home. I tried to set it up on the dirt this time.

Preparing the tank

I had some substrate from Carib Sea which I used before for a fiddler crabs tank. It has quite small density. I also bought in Home Depot organic potting mix dirt.

Organic potting mix for planted tank


All you will have to do is put on the bottom CaribSea layer like above. Put some more by the edges so a dirt won’t be visible

Then add dry fertilizers if you have, I added some dry NP (nitrogen and phosphorus) like 1/4 teaspoon and like 1/8 of micro nutrients. I was just experimenting with it, so don’t take it as a perfect amount. We will see how it all will grow. Later I covered it with 1inch of dirt, but remember to dump it somewhere on a tray and check if there is no roots or stuff like this. After that I delicately added some water just to make the dirt wet a little and I smushed it. I capped the dirt with the rest of the caribsea substrate and later I was aquscaping and adding a plants very carefully.



While you will wash lava rock from the red dust, you can put it to the bucket, fill with water and most of the dust will stay on the bottom, then take off lava rocks to another container and dump this water with all the dust in the bottom. Repeat 2-3 times or as long as it is necessary. After all check water parameters from time to time or make a few smaller water changes during the week. This is an example how easily and cheap you may aquascape any small aquarium. It doesn’t look proffesional but on the picture it those little lava rocks looks huge, because of the perspective. Plants which I used: marsilea hirsuta, steurogyne porto velho, rotala walichii. Thanks to ‘Aquatic Plants Society’ for the nice aquatic plants!



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