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My name is Wojtek (Adalbert). Here you can find many useful information about growing aquarium plants, aquascape, aquascaping, aquaplaning, aqua design, aquarium equipment, algae in freshwater aquarium and many other things connected with fish tanks. If you are thinking about setting up freshwater planted aquarium I can help you out!  If you need advice  about equipment, substrate, aquatic plants, fish and invertebrates, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I love doing this just for my satisfaction.  If you would like to setup an aquarium at your home and office  I will guide you thru all the process. Usually first step is planning, second is searching for hardscape and choosing aquarium substrate and equipment together with aquarium.


I can help you out for free just for my experience, however if you would like me to do all the work I can plan the setup, do the hardscape hunt and design an aquarium for you in your home or

office, as well as guide you thru all the information you need to keep successful planted aquarium with freshwater fish or shrimps. We can work on the details.

I would like to encourage you to check out my blog and if possible contribute to Planted Aquarium Chicago Forum.

If you would like to post an article with the link to your website shoot me a message.

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Aquarium Fish, Freshwater Fish, Tropical Fish

Here you will find beginners information about aquarium lighting, aquatic plants fertilizers and aquarium substrate. I tried to focus on the main topics and some of my tips.

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Check out our Planted Aquarium Chicago forum. Aquascaping, local fish stores and plant clubs, freshwater fish and plant species, selling plants and equipment.

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Aquascape, Aquascaping, Aquaplanning, Aquadesign - everything about planning an outstanding aquarium, wabi-kusa and paludarium.

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Wojciech Puzniak planted aquarium, aquascaping, aquascape, bio
Aquascape Chicago Planted Aquarium Beginning-min

Member's Planted Aquariums

6.8 gallons nano aquarium

High back mountain path aquascape with baby tears patch and dwarf hairgrass carpet.

Over flow on the back - insid is 220gph pump. Outside in the tank is 120ghp power head which I will be replacing with 180gph hydor, to be able to adjust the flow direction. Pressurized co2 with Milwaukee regulator 1bps and fluval nano light (3.0). As a substrate on the very bottom layer I used red fluorite, on top ADA Amazonia soil. For the aquascape I used Seiru Stones and wood branches from local fish store. I am dosing Plantex CSM+B. Plants list: baby tears, Alternanthera reineckii mini, rotala rotundofilia, rotala macrandra, rotala macrandra narrow leaves, cryptocoryne parva, steurogen repens, blyxa japonica and bacopa

75 gallons planted acrylic

This aquarium belongs to Rafal Dzierzanowski. It is 75g acrylic aquarium with 45 inches long SB Reef wifi light. Filtration - FX 6 and power head with double sponges 290gph. Co2 with Millwaukee regulator, rex grigg co2 reactor and Millwaukee ph controller. Dosing with Niclog dry fertilizer. 

Cliff aquascape 40g

7.8g nano fluval live aquascape

My work for a fluval live aquascape competition on Aquatic Experience in Shamburg. Fluval provided with (now old version) of nano light which they were still testing + aquaclear filter. Inside the filter sponge + ceramic rings+ 2 small bags of chemipure. Substrate fluval stratum, dragon stones, driftwoods, sand on the front. Plants used: 3-4 kinds of bucaphelandra species, windelow java fern, willow moss, cabomba caroliniana.

125 gallons planted aquascape

This beautiful 125g 7 feet long aquarium belongs to Marcin Lekan. As a substrate there is mainly eco-complete and one bag of aquasoil. Co2 with SR aquaristic dual stage regulator, ph millwaukee controller, dosing with Thrive. Lights are 3W led's Green Element Evo.

'Monster' 20 gallons

My 20 gallons set-up with pressurized co2 and milwaukee regulator (1 bubble per second), caribsea floramax 2 different packeges substrate, marineland c-360 filter, eheim 100W heater, power head (turned on sporadically once a day for an hour, to increase water flow and move all debris so the filter can catch it), finnex 24/7 turned on this mode 24/7 and seachem fertilizers (excel, potassium, fluorish, iron). Plants: mermaid weed, water wisteria, cryptocoryne wendtii brown, amazon sword red, alternanthera reineckii, lymnophilia aromatica, willow moss, mint charlie, red tops from red ludwiga, anubias petit nana, rotala rotundafilia (which didn't grow pretty, I don't have a luck to this plant)

20 gallons low-tech

Amazing Shrimp tank

Red Taitibee shrimps - Taiwan BeeXTiger crossesThis beautiful planted aquarium belongs to Varun Kamat and is a home to the Red Taitibee. Taiwan BeeXTiger crosses. Water parameters: ph around 6.4, GH around 5, kh 0-1. Added soil adds fulvic and humid acids to maintain stable ph. Almonds leaves  helps lowering ph and help create additional biofilm for shrimps to feed on.

If you need shrimps contact him!

Dutch style 40 gallons aquascape

Caribsea floramax black substrate 2x20pounds, eco-complete 1x20pounds, power head marineland maxi-jet 295GPH working as a co2 diffuser + sponge prefilter, two cascade filters(1xaquaon for 10 gallons, 1xtopfin for 10 gallons) with polyester filter fiber and blue sponges as media + prefilters sponges, pressurized co2 with milwaukee regulator 3 bubbles per second, Plantex CSM+B fertilizer plus NPK, Oddysea lights with oryginal 6500k bulbs 2x39W(till this point it was my only light), lighting period 10h a day. Plants: star grass, anubias petit nana, java fern, hygrophilia augustafolia, alternanthera reineckii, lymnophilia aromatica, rotala indica, cardinal plant, flame moss, christmass moss.

40 gallons with Alternanthera Reineckii

55 gallons planted aquarium

This aquarium belongs to Raquel Barkan. Black lava rocks and eco-complete substrate. T5 quad lights and co2 with co2 reactor. Raquel loves Cichlid tanks.


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