Aquarium story begins

Aquarium beginning

This is how my aquarium story begins in United States. Small 6 gallons aquarium with some fish. Platties, clown loach, and some otto (sucker fish), actually it was my fiance’s tank, I just helped her to do something with it. Looks mysterious and girlish.

I had one aquarium long time ago about 30 gallons, but back then I didn’t know anything about it and I was changing water once a month and washing all the gravel and filter in tap water. My fish were thriving, but I can imagine now what they were going thru. It was like every month cycling over. Cruel

That is why I made this blog. Setting aquarium begins something special. You will be able to create and manage your own ecosystem. Therefore everything what you will make will be unique. Even the same setup in two different aquariums will create different conditions and bacteria.

I wanna help people create healthy environment for their aquarium inhabitants. I am open to help with aquascaping and setting up your aquarium with no charge, just for my experience. If you have a question or need an advice send me an e-mail to


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