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Aquascape, Aquascaping or differently: Aquaplaning –

is a fast growing profession in planted aquariums, but for me it is an Art. I love the fact of creating a different scenery, ecosystem or habitat for aquatic plants, beautiful tropical fish and invertebrates. Aquascaping is a passion that is why I will help you out with your aquascape project just for my satisfaction. You can contact me on facebook  or

Each Creation = Experience

Basic info about Aquascaping in Wiki

Before aquascape an aquarium first consider:

  1. What kind of look would you like to achieve?
  2. Size of the aquarium and equipment ?
  3. What kind of fish or invertebrates and plants would you like to keep?
  4. How much time daily and weekly are you willing to spend for a maintenance?


There is unlimited amount of possibilities of how your aquarium may look like – the sky is a limit! You may not know right away what you are creating, but it is always good to have some kind of plan in your head. You can achieve that by looking at different kind of aquascapes.

When you answer yourself to above 4 questions, you already know approximately how much money you will have to spend on your aquascape, and if you are limited by aquarium size to what kind of plants and fish you are able to keep. More sophisticated look with many different plant species(especially those harder to keep) will need more initial time for a maintenance. You can have an amazing aquascape with just few kinds of plants it all depends on how will you put it all together.

You don’t have to spend huge amount of money to create a Wow factor. Aquascaper will help you create focal points which will be drawing viewers attention. It might be an amazingly looking piece of root or a stone, as well as certain kind of plant. The rule is to place it in such a way that by looking at it for a moment will leave a certain kind of aesthetically pleasing impression in viewers head.


Examples of the most popular aquascapes



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