Aquatic Plants Care

Lighting, Fertilizers and Substrate

Below you will find information about proper lighting, different fertilizers and proper substrate. I tried to focus on the main stuff. Also added some of my tips.

Seems like an increasing amount of information for beginners about keeping aquarium plants and plant care might be confusing. As a result it's easy to find advises from different sources regarding methods of cultivation or solutions to problems. Those information sometimes exclude each other.

However, a basic knowledge  about requirements of aquatic plants and how to care for them is crucial for you to set up and maintain a successful display. Very important is to know how plants work and why certain conditions are required for healthy growth.

If you will gain a basic understanding of those processes, certainly the rest will follow. You will build a whole picture of how it all works together. Let's focus first on the three major things which are important for aquatic plants care.

Lightning the aquarium

Feeding aquarium plants

The right substrate

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