First 20 gallons aquarium

Aquaeon 20 gallons

So, I got 20 gallons aquarium from my second half. It was laying in the room for quite a long time, because I was happy with ours 6 gallons and this amount of fish, but I noticed that It is getting harder to keep an aquarium clean with this amount of fish, and during this time a new baby fish(platties)  were born too. Some of them were eaten by a clown loach which was waiting and staring at them all the time waiting until they will go out of their hidden holes between the substrate.

I had an aquarium long time before but my knowledge was very little. For example, in the past when I was doing water change, I was taking off all the things from aquarium. I washed all substrate in the bucket with water from the sink, I washed internal filter sponge in the same way, I was adding completely new water to the tank, without any chlorine and chloramines remover, I didn’t even care much about water temperature. Believe me or not my fish got use to this brutal routine. It lasted almost two years. After that somehow it became boring to me, because I didn’t develop my knowledge about this, and my zest vanished between many others ideas.

Few plants I collected from the wild, same as driftwood and pebbles. Hardy fish and no fertilizers and specialized substrate, but it was ok. Plants were growing fish were healthy, but meanwhile I started reading about aquascaping and proper substrate. You can see on the pictures how I was applying my knowledge right away to my aquarium.



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