40 gallons aka dutch style

Starting a new aquarium is a fun experience. After doing my first 20 gallons aquarium aquascape, I decided to go bigger. I set up the aquarium and cycle it first before starting an aquascape. It doesn’t have to look amazing right away. At first it looked like this:

40 gallons dutch style aquascape start


At this moment thru the first few months I was using only 2x 36W T5 6500k bulbs full spectrum daylight. I decided to buy some seiryu stones to achieve better look

40 gallons breeder few weeks after planting 2


I added more sansui stones and dragon stones, it looks awful I know that I have to do something with it quick but, I focused on the growing plants and now when I finally want some more rocks it looks like I don’t have much space. I really would love to do some hardscape work, but at least now I can practice a little and collect some more rocks. Enjoy, any questions leave a comment.

Ps: My new tank crew, red eye tetras and rio tetras, except of those, there are also: 2 cory’s, 5 amano shrimps and 5 different kinds of ottos – the cleaners.

40 gallons breeder after adding a dragon stone


After I believe 6 months my aquarium looked like this, and this was my vision of how I wanted it to look like at first, later on once I was improving my knowledge I added much more to it.


40 gallon breeder after 6 months



However the final effect exceeded my expectations, I added 2x96W T5 High output 6500k full spectrum light and everything started growing like crazy. Same routine same setup EI dosing with Niclog fertilizer:

40 gallons dutch style aquascape


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