Aquascaping with the red rocks and planting – 20 g long rimless aquarium (part 2)

In this part of the video I’m aquascaping with the red rocks and planting the tank with live aquatic plants. I used the driftwood from SR Aquaristic. Red rocks looks very nice in the aquarium. There are many aquascaping rules of how you can setup the rocks. Some for example says to put the biggest rocks more to the front of the aquarium to achieve more depth. This way the rocks on the  back will look like they are still big just much further away. What helps in this process is creating more height to to back of the aquarium. Placing the rocks in angle one behind the other going into the back of the tank also helps creating more depth.

The way how you place the rocks and later on plant the plants creates more ‘dimensions’ – aspects. The biggest aquascapers can create 5 or even 6 ‘dimensions’ – aspects. First plan contain the smallest rocks and second medium size rocks and midground plants reaching over the plants from the first plan. This is where the shortest growing plants will be. Later on the biggest rocks on the third plan together with the driftwood and plants growing on the driftwood. Fourth plan are the rocks placed behind the driftwood creating more depth and steam plants.

Plants that I used are: hygrophila polysperma, hygrophila pinnatifada, rotala macrandra green, glossostigma elatinoides, ludwiga super red, pogostemon erectus, lobelia cardinalis.

Plants that I added later on are, staurogyne repens, rotala florida, rotala blood red, syngonanthus belem, rotala colorata, rotala nanjenshan, rotala rotundifolia, rotala orange juice, rotala mexicana araguia, bucephalandra brownie, banana plant, juncus repens.

I’m also planning to add more foreground plants such as mini dwarf hairgrass, more s.repens,

The Final Effect Update

The finall effect was stunning, however the plants that I got were growing in very soft water conditions and they developed unusually beautiful colors. It will be harder to maintain those colors with my tap water kh/gh 6/6. I’m planning on softening it in the future by adding half of the RO water.

aquascaping with red rocks 20 gallons long aquarium

Red rocks in 20 gallon long aquascaping - setting up aquarium



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