First driftwood and aquascaping

Preparing a driftwood

One day while I was driving back home I saw an estate sale, so I decided to stop there and just look around. I found there hidden in a basement a few pieces of driftwood. I choose the most healthy ones, took it home and cooked them in the pot with few spoons of regular salt for half hour to kill all bacteria. after that I put it to the bucket with regular water and let it sit there for a few days to get rid of the brown color in the water coming from the driftwood. Meanwhile I was changing water in the bucket 3-4 times. Driftwood were ready. After placing it in the aquarium my fish were very interested and it liked to hide under the driftwood in the shadow.

First aquaplaning

All this time a little bit of every day, I was developing my knowledge about freshwater fish tanks, reading forums, articles, blogs and every other possible sources of information. I started looking at the pictures and I was interested in aquaplaning. First traces of it you may see at the pictures, as I was trying to establish good focal point in my tank. But, I didn’t even know yet, that real fun had to be started soon.

Water wisteria

I also added one more tall plant which is visible in the right back corner- water wisteria (hygrophila difformis). I didn’t like this plant very much on the beginning, and I was even thinking about throwing it to the garbage. It looked like a solid very tough not aquatic plant, but it would be a huge mistake, because It turned out to be very useful, why ? You will find out from my other post…


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