Preparation for the first aquarium set-up

First aquarium setup – this is where all started


My goal was to set up nice looking 20 gallons aquarium without spending a lot of money. I headed north from Chicago to find some stones which I can use as a substrate. You can explore new areas around] during this searching, have an amazing experience with nature, meet someone interesting, or just spend nice Sunday  with your family. I was choosing from small  better for a plants) to medium size stones which I could use to build a cave or tunnel.



Step One add water


I washed the stones in hot water for a while to kill unwelcome bacterias (It’s important!) and I made two caves, big one and small one on the left in the corner. After all this I really wanted to have my fish inside but I knew that I have to be patient, so I was waiting 3 weeks untill everything will stabilize and good bacteria will grow on the rocks and in the filter. I added some waste from the small aquarium and I squized cartridge from small aquarium filter into the filter in new aquarium. From time to time I was adding a little fish food, and dirty water from the small tank to it so the bacteria will have something too eat.

First Inhabitants

Apple snail, glow fish, sword tail, platties, mollies, otto (sucker fish), clown loach and one pleco (I choosed from pet supplies kind of pleco which doesn’t grow bigger than 4 inches). I bought also two plants before which were in the small 6 gallons tank: anubis barteri and red amazon sword.

20 gallons before re-scaping

I also bought breeder floating on the right side ($10) for anoher two pregnant fish. In this way I had something nice. Every stone which I found on the north side of the lake was a part of my sunday adventure, but It is just a beggining…

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